Villa Vredehoek   BED & BREAKFAST


From 1880 to 1935 Ellecom, along with the villages 'De Steeg' and 'Dieren' was, as it was called back then "a very sought after retreat". There were several villas, like Villa Vredehoek, which served as guest-houses where guests from all parts of the country came to enjoy the countryside. The now remaining villas, including Villa Vredehoek, are now mostly a municipal or national monument. This way the old grandeur of that time is saved for future generations.

'Pension' Villa Vredehoek was built in 1898 and shows characteristic features of the 'transitional architecture' which was typical for this period. This architectural style marked the transition from the neo-styles to Jugendstil and Art Nouveau. Typical for this style are the richly decorated facades, bay windows, balconies and chalet-style roofs.

Even as far back as 1923 an advertisement of the Pension Vredehoek was inserted in the municipal guide "To promote establishment in the municipality Rheden". The house-number used to be number 3. The owner at that time, Mr A.G. Nijdeken, who was a butcher by trade, had the house built with 2 floors originally. With the success of tourism in his village he had a 3rd floor added in 1907 and became a full-time pension holder.

After the war there was no demand for holiday homes anymore and Villa Vredehoek was continued as a 'board/rest house' by the second owners.

The restoration and renovation

The 3rd owners since 1898 bought the villa in 1988. With much attention to detail they lovingly refurbished the somewhat neglected house and then re-opened it as a Bed & Breakfast.

2007 - present

Since 2007 we, Monika and Pieter-Maarten Mann, are the 4th owners of the house since 1898. It will not surprise you that we too have fallen for the special character and appearance of Villa Vredehoek and its beautiful surroundings.

Without disturbing the original warmth and atmosphere we have adapted the house to the needs of our time. Central heating was installed and all rooms got their own en suite. Furthermore the government, such as the fire department, required the necessary measures to be taken. Now you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of old times with all the comforts of today.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in B&B Villa Vredehoek.